Michael Warren will be discussing The Changing Landscape of CRM at his next talk, with TLOMA in Toronto, 5th April 2018. The talk will be streamed as a webinar, and if you are interested in attending, please visit this link.

The CRM landscape has changed enormously over the last few years. It's become clear within other sectors, (and with the CASL, GDPR and other global privacy regulations) that CRM is no longer simply about marketing and pushing content to huge mailing lists, nor is it simply about which technology system firms implement. We are witnessing a paradigm shift, where CRM is expected to deliver much more and provide real insights into clients, targets and opportunities. CRM teams now need to determine how they will adopt this concept with the aim of delivering a better service to their Professionals who in turn will deliver better service to their clients.

Technology, as always, is moving at a rapid pace, and what we are seeing is a noticeable shift from law firms away from the systems built specifically for their industry. Increasingly firms are adopting global standard platforms across the firm and CRM is falling in to line with that strategy.

The changes in the technology choices made by law firms are being driven by the understanding that in order to succeed, they must not focus simply on the CRM system, but reach deeply into the organisation's wealth of data; on their experience, their pipeline and their current matters. The evolution in Legal Project Management with the challenge of better service delivery; the pressure on margins with the emergence of alternative fee arrangements all mean that having the right information at the right time is essential.

To do this, firms need to face the bigger challenge of how to implement organisational and cultural changes in how client relationships are managed. To have a clear sight and plan about what they want their CRM to do for them and how to tap into the wealth of other data their firm holds. When integrated successfully their CRM systems (no matter the technology option they choose), should aim to provide everything a professional needs to manage their client relationships with ease.