I am pleased to share this TLOMA session, led by Michael Warren, of Stanton Allen—5th April 2018 in Toronto.

The event is free for TLOMA members and at a discount for LMA members; you can join via a webinar if you are not local to Toronto.

Stanton Allen—experts in CRM success.

In this session, Michael Warren, Lead Consultant at Stanton Allen, will explore some of the developments in the market over the last few years and identify specific best practices and success stories, to help delegates go away with a plan for how they might drive CRM success in their own firms. 

For full details and to register, click here.

Session Overview:

Firms have traditionally seen the implementation of CRM as a question of technology.  The decision that needed to be made was which system should be purchased.  Many firms bought the same system as their peer firms without a clear plan of how they would address the issues that come with a CRM system.  Including: 

  • Addressing the structural challenges that exist within firms.  Different practice areas have very different businesses
  • Cultural challenges, how do you get lawyers to share their information
  • Benefits were not focused sufficiently on the lawyers, the goal for many was to implement a contacts management or marketing system 

As the landscape has changed so much with so many more CRM platforms available and alternatives to CRM, it is even more important that firms have a clear plan for how to adopt technology and drive user engagement.  With the emergence of “Big data” and AI firms also have to get to grips with rapidly developing data capabilities.