The Gartner annual survey of those CRM vendors that have the best vision and are delivering on it, still shows Salesforce out in front, closely followed by Microsoft.  However there are so many factors that ultimately influence CRM success in professional services firms, and with GDPR on the horizon, now is the time to act for marketing and business development teams.  Historically firms have focused too much on deciding which system should be bought and not about what they were expecting to get out of it.  Most have learned that lesson the hard way and now second time around are focusing much more on the "what's in it for me" benefits for their users.  Combined with the huge changes that the professional services sector has undergone, reduction in support staff, greater expectation of delivery on billable hours and business development, to name just two, professionals now MUST use technology and data to manage their practices.  2018 promises to be an incredibly interesting year as firms have to decide which way to go at the CRM crossroads and vendors line up for their CRM technology budget.