I am really enjoying reading about GDPR at the moment! No really, I am! (The post I have referenced below is chock full of useful information on the "privacy by design" topic for digital marketers.)

As we move towards next year's deadline, more people are delving into the individual articles of the GDPR and helping companies actually define in easy to digest terms, what it means for them moving forwards. And the more I read, the more I am excited for the future of online digital marketing and communications.

I am certain there will be a period of transition. No doubt not everyone will hit the deadline on point. There are still areas of clarification required; the ePrivacy directive is likely to roll into 2019 before being contained within the GDPR (at this moment, it's still in draft).

But overall, I am looking forward to a digital world I can feel increasingly safe in, where the data collected about me is with my consent and with my understanding as to how it will be used. We can start to build relationships with people again. No more spam and sneaky tricks to snag one's data? What's not to love? I don't even mind (dare I say it) the use of AI to analyse my behavioural data, as long as it's bringing ME value.

To all those companies out there who are working hard to comply with the spirit and the underlying positive reasons for the GDPR I salute you! I cannot wait for the certification programs (which will no doubt start to roll out) - making it even easier for the customer to feel protected online when sharing their data; as this interesting research from Mastercard shows, consumers are increasingly savvy about the way they shop and surf online. And soon they will get the data protection they deserve.