Dear Data Diary

Well we survived the Holiday Card season!  We did pretty well this year only 25% returns.  Last year we actually filled up most of the PR Manager’s office with boxes of returns, so in many respects we’re getting better!

I’ve been trying to tackle a new problem right now though and it’s all part of trying to persuade people to see the CRM system as more than just an address book or a mailing list database.  The issue is though that without being able to get really good reports out of the system a lot of Marketing and Business Development people tend to revert to good old fashioned spreadsheets.

I know of one firm who built some really good reports on their CRM system that actually allowed them to analyse the level of engagement that contacts had with their firm using the following sorts of information

  • The number of positive activities that a contact had for example, acceptances to events, subscriptions, business meetings etc. rather than just the number of times we’d sent them something
  • The number of relationships they have with our professionals, obviously once you’ve discounted all the professionals who don’t actually work for our firm anymore
  • The number of opportunities that they’re involved in, or jobs they’ve instructed us on

I hear those folks over at Stanton Allen have built a really clever tool that does this sort of thing so I think I’m going to contact them.   Getting to the point where we’re able to go to meetings with our professionals and show them that we don’t need to run events for 250 people because we can identify the 10 or so people that are really interested in a particular topic and are engaged with the firm, is going to demonstrate how much value marketing and BD really can add.