Dear Data Diary

Now that the nightmare of the holiday cards is over for another year, I decided that I would start keeping a journal in this new year.  I’ve never been that good at keeping resolutions, last year I promised myself that we’d never do Holiday cards ever again but the partners put pressure on us and we ended up having to give in.

However this year is going to be different.    I’m absolutely determined that we’re going to start using our CRM system as a tool that supports our Business Development and Marketing strategy and isn’t just a tool for sending out eBulletins and inviting people to events.

So these are my New Year’s resolutions:

  • I promise that I won’t recycle marketing lists from last year I’ll work out the criteria that determine who should be on the list in the first instance
  • I will become one of the most active users of the CRM system and make sure that every time I go to a meeting with a partner the reports I take are from CRM and not something I’ve put together on a spreadsheet myself
  • I will understand that the CRM system is not the responsibility of the “database department”

I’ll keep a diary to keep a track of how I get on, wish me luck.