Dear Data Diary

I thought as the world didn’t come to an end in 2012 as we all thought that it would, I would start 2013 as I mean to go on.   As well as the usual stuff about health and happiness, I’ve got some really important things to commit to when it comes to work.

The most important of these is CRM.  We’ve really neglected our CRM system and not just last year but since we first implemented it.  To be honest we bought it because I was playing golf with my friend John and their firm had just bought a CRM system so we decided that we would do the same.

For the most part the decision was driven by IT and whilst the technical implementation went really well and everyone shared their contacts, we’ve never really done anything more with it than that.

So dear data diary, for this new year I promise that I will:

  • Work closely with my secretary to ensure that all my business development activities and meetings are recorded in the CRM system
  • Lead the firm to define what its vision is for the CRM system
  • Lead from the front and make sure that I am the greatest advocate of the system

I’ll keep a diary to keep a track of how I get on, wish me luck.