Dear Data Diary

Well the New Year has started with a bang as you can imagine,  I can’t believe it’s nearly March already.  We’re all madly rushing around trying to sort out budgets for next year.  

My plan to be more output focused appears to be paying dividends.   I started with one client team and started to put together some reports that showed them things like:

  • The responsiveness of contacts that worked for the companies that they looked after, for example,  the ratio between invitations and attendances
  • The number of activities to client work ratio so that we could see where we were getting lots of work from one client without a need for a lot of BD activity,  compared to others where we took them for lunch all the time and never got any work from them
  • The sources of our business, so who were our top referrers.  This was quite frustrating as apparently we don’t capture this information when we’re entering a new job in finance, which is crazy, surely it makes sense to know who’s giving work to us!

I hear those folks over at Stanton Allen have done some very clever things with integrating the new business process and CRM and reports that show activities and referral sources, so I think I’m going to contact them.   It would be wonderful if I could provide reports that showed what were the most productive sources of work for us and was able to compare that to the amount of effort that went in to securing that work!


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