In this blog I thought I would explain a little bit about why Stanton Allen decided to come to Canada and run an event for the professional services firms in Toronto.

I am a huge fan of LinkedIn and have been using it extensively for the past couple of years.  Not only is it a great way to keep in touch with your clients and contacts and understand who’s moved on to a new firm, but some of the groups are a great source of information too.

Take the InterAction user group for example.  This is one of the best groups on LinkedIn as it’s a real forum for users to share ideas, frustrations and questions.

One such frustration was expressed by a CRM Manager for a Canadian firm.  Well it was really a cry for help, in that they felt that they weren’t getting much attention from the US and that the size of the user base in Canada was sufficiently large that it deserved more TLC.

We’ve been working with a firm in Canada for some time now and with the wonders of technology, it means that we can be based in the UK but still reach out to our Canadian colleagues to work with them on their CRM deployment.

There are also a lot of cultural similarities (and I don’t mean in terms of sharing the same head of state although that’s true too), I mean in terms of the professional services firms.  We have worked with UK based firms for a number of years and through our work with the team at Ernst & Young Canada, realised that we shared the same vision for CRM.  Namely:

  • Being really clear about what you want the system to do
  • Communicating that vision as frequently and as personally as possible to your end users
  • Ensuring that the data is managed effectively and meets your users’ expectations

Canadians have, in my opinion, the right mix of “down to earth practicality” and a strong enough sense of humour, to realise that nothing in the CRM or data world will ever be perfect but you should work hard to do your best, but not beat yourself up when 1 record out of a database of 100k turns out to be wrong!

I’m thoroughly looking forward to meeting the delegates who have registered for our event at the St Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre, 150 King Street West, Toronto on Wednesday 6th June at 330pm to explore some of our and their ideas as to what makes CRM successful in a professional services firm.

If you would like to hear more about the keys to successful CRM deployment in professional services firms then either contact us at or if you are able, register for the event at