Following our event earlier this month in Toronto, I was interested to be able to spend time with a number of delegates to discuss the themes we had introduced during the afternoon. 

Canada is an interesting market in terms of CRM right now.  It is expected that other international firms, like Norton Rose, will be looking with interest at the Canadian market with a view to seeking an opportunity to gain a foothold in North America. 

Of course firm mergers create a huge challenge for those working with data, systems and in particular CRM.  Having worked on a number of projects to merge 2 firms’ data, I understand the complexity of the task. 

When bringing two professional cultures together this makes having really clear messages around CRM even more important, which was one of the main themes of the afternoon in Toronto, being really clear what CRM means to your firm.

Another theme was that CRM can no longer consider itself an isolated line of business system, it needs to look at integrating with other critical business systems and once the cross functional business processes are understood, needs to find ways in which it can support those processes. 

CRM can no longer be an island.  It must adapt to the way in which professionals demand to access and consume information.  The data delivered has to be relevant, easy to digest and accurate.  To achieve this not only is integration technology vital, but also we cannot overwhelm the CRM system with so much data that we can’t accurately match records from one system to another.

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