To summarise our series of blogs on “What makes CRM successful in professional services firms?” here are 5 key things to remember.

Implementing CRM successfully can be very straight forward.  There are a 5 key things to remember.

• Get the buy in from senior management.   The Board must be totally committed to CRM and communicate this. 

• Be clear about the CRM voyage.  Ensure that everyone in the firm understands the journey, the destination and the main stops along the way. 

• Don’t think too much about the tin.  CRM is not about the technology.  Don’t worry too much about the kit, most systems will do most of the things you want them to do.

• Manage your time effectively.  Sell the system to stakeholders based on how it will save them time and make their lives easier.

• Get the data right. When it comes to data management less is definitely more!

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