Stanton Allen working with Turley Associates to implement InterAction

The company Turley Associates is a leading planning and urban design consultancy operating from ten offices in key development sectors across the UK.

Working with both private and public sector clients, Turley Associates brings to each project a tailored range of planning and design skills, including place-making, spatial planning, heritage, regeneration, development advocacy and consultation. The Challenge In an increasingly competitive and complex market, planning consultancies have to develop innovative ways to leverage the value of their relationships and their experience.

This is why Ann Goodger, Director of Business Development at the company, introduced InterAction to the company as she took up her new position. “Turley Associates knew the value of sound joined up business development and recognised that a robust, well tested CRM system would pull many aspects of BD together. We implemented HIVE (the name the firm gives to InterAction) primarily to underpin our sector and key account strategies” says Ann, “for us, HIVE is the tool that will more effectively deliver the BD plans that are already working well across the company”.

Although Turley Associates is not a large company, the challenge that they face is that they are located across 10 offices across the UK & Northern Ireland. “In the past” continues Ann “there had been a risk of taking an office specific focus, breaking down the silos is one of the most immediately recognisable benefits that technology can deliver. Knowing who we know right across the company enables us to understand and gauge the strength of relationships better than ever before.”

The Solution Turley Associates engaged Stanton Allen to configure and implement InterAction and the Tikit eMarketing suite in a way that supports their specific needs. Stanton Allen also undertook all the data migration as well as devising and delivering training at all levels.

From the outset the approach was to have a single system for the company and to encourage cross office and sector collaboration. In addition, every person in the company learnt about HIVE in the manner best suited to their particular needs and of course, tied in with the overall business objectives of the company.

This required some thoughtful and detailed analysis. All planners were trained in 2s and 3s in their offices with further personalised ‘at desk’ support to ensure full engagement.

“People often underestimate the impact a small amount of personalised coaching can have compared to class-room training” says Michael Warren, Senior Consultant at Stanton Allen, “however it’s paid off, only 3% of the total audience missed their training the first time around”.

The Partner The project team decided to work with Stanton Allen. Although a relatively new firm (established in 2008), the consulting team of Michael Warren and Barry Puddephatt (previously of Shamrock Marketing and Tikit), Paul Hage (previously of Herbert Smith and Grant Thornton) and Samantha Marshall (previously of Berwin Leighton Paisner), have collectively more than 30 years of experience working in CRM in the professional services market. “I had worked with Michael before on another very successful CRM implementation” adds Ann, “we articulated our vision for HIVE and Michael immediately brought to the project huge amounts of enthusiasm, coupled with excellent ideas of how we could make HIVE a reality for our company.

We are really excited about how it may develop further for us in the future